Each player will start the game with five pucks of their chosen color in the first position on the board (this is called the base). Each player will roll the die to see who goes first (highest number wins). The first player rolls the die and moves one of their pieces onto the battle field (if you rolled a two move up two places towards the opponents base). The other player will then do the same thing. If your puck lands on the same section as your opponents, then you capture their puck (place your puck on top of theirs. The next move that you take, start moving your puck and the captured puck back to your base. You have to roll the exact number to get back into your base (if you are two positions away from the base, you have to roll a two to get back into base) . If you reach you base then you have captured the piece and you continue moving your pieces towards your opponents to capture them all.

– you can only have one of your pucks in a section at a time (this is where the strategy of the game comes into play)
– you have to roll the exact number on the die to get back onto your base (if you are one step away from the base then you have to roll a one)
– you opponent can capture your captured pieces back if they land on the same section that you are in (this makes it fun)
– if you make it all the way to your opponents base then capture a puck and head back to your base, that’s a long way back home! if there are no pucks to capture, then you get to take one of your own back and head back to your base with both your pucks.