Each player begins the game with six of their chosen color dice. Place all of your dice with the four dots facing up off of the board. Randomly pick a player to be the first to go. They will place one die on the launch pad (triangle with sink hole on it) and flick their die onto the board aiming for the center hole. Each player continues this until everyone has a die on the board. You can now choose to flick another die onto the board or try to flick your die or dice that are on the board into the center hole. You can also try to knock your opponents dice off of the board which gives them an automatic four points. The point of the game is to finish with the lowest number of points (if you get all of your dice in the center hole then you finish with zero points). When someone clears all of their dice off the board (either in the center hole or off the sides) the game is over and points are tallied. Four points per dice flicked off or knocked off the board and face value for any dice left on the board (this is where strategy comes in you don’t want any sixes on the board if you can avoid it) whoever has the lowest score wins the round!

– any die that are flicked off the board or knocked off the board are no longer in play and get counted as an automatic four points per die.
– if you do not have an opportunity to get all of your initial dice into play on the board, they are added to your score at four points per die (ouch).
– any of your dice that are left on the board are counted at face value and added to your total score once someone clears the board of their dice.